October 29, 1998 –

The proposal for establishing the Graduate Institute of Ecology, which was led and prepared by Professor Yu-feng Chen, was approved by the school.

July 17, 1999 –

Upon the approval by the Board of Directors, an application for the establishment of the Graduate Institute of Ecology was made to the Ministry of Education. 

April 17, 2000 –

A written correspondence granting the permission to offering a master’s degree program in the Graduate Institute of Ecology was received from the Ministry of Education.

August 1, 2001 -

The Graduate Institute of Ecology enrolled 10 students for its master’s degree program for the first year.

March 14, 2002 -

Construction of the St. Francis Hall (Taiwan Ecology and Humanities Information Center) commenced. The constriction was completed on October 2, 2003, with a total cost of NT$ 120, 149, 36.00. To enable the construction of the St. Francis Hall, Professor Yu-feng Chen fundraised NT$ 30 million from all walks of life in the society, and personally donated   NT$ 5,224,325, which was gained from his property sales. Such honorable behavior deserves everlasting homage from our department.     

An undergraduate degree program started to the offered in the Department of Ecology, which commenced to enroll students for the first year on August 1, 20003. 

July 2007 –

Professor Yu-feng Chen resigned from his post. Unfortunately, efforts to retain him were to no avail.   


The “Francis Xavier Seminar” was held. An American environmental ethics expert Holmes Rolston III was invited to give an opening speech on October 28, 2008.  

2010 –

In response to the advice from a school appraisal conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2009, the department decided to redesign its mission, goals of education, and curriculum structure. Under the current circumstance where ecological and environmental sciences receive much emphasis whereas humanistic literacy is neglected in Taiwan, the department set exploration of academic sectors such as ecology-related thoughts, ethics, culture, and education as its mission, to fulfill its educational goals of cultivating students with humanistic trainings and literacy on the basis of ecological science, participating in the construction of Taiwan’s ecological culture, and providing academic contribution to movements of local environment protection. The department also changed its name to the “Department of Ecological Humanities” in the same year. 

2011 –

An official correspondence pertaining to the permission to change the department’s name was received from the Ministry of Education.   

August 1, 2012 –

The department was officially changed to the “Department of Ecological Humanities”, and continuing to march toward the goal of ecological humanity.

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